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I apologize to Muslims for my words that hurt them, says Kashim Shettima.

I apologize to Muslims for my words that hurt them, says Kashim Shettima

the news we sent must have reached his ears

By Abba Sani Pantami

Nigerian Vice President Senator Kassim Shetima said he asked the Muslim community for forgiveness for some of the remarks he made regarding the election of Nigeria’s parliamentary leader.

According to him, the form of the statement was not understood and he had no intention of defaming his religion.

Senator Kassim said in an interview with the BBC that he made these remarks out of Nigeria’s interests, considering that they have some confidential information, it is not appropriate for him to speak out.

Given the current state of development in Nigeria, leaders must step up and call attention to the survival of the entire country.

Shettima’s comments last week sparked heated debate, especially on social media, where the vice president was criticized.

However, Kashim Shettima said he is a true Muslim because their descendants have spent thousands of years in the path of Islam.

Whoever is dissatisfied with his words should forgive him, he has no intention of hurting religion.

“I am human and not perfect, so I ask the forgiveness of the community and my Lord”.

Kashim Shettima reminded that he was the son of scholars, the grandson of scholars, so he had no intention of denigrating any part of the religion of the country.

Sure enough, our message got where it needed to be, and we prayed that God would accept your repentance and that God would stop you forever.

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