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Sabuwar Wakar Abdul Ja,en Yanayi Official Music Audio.

Yanayi sabuwar Wakar Abdul Ja,en 2023.

Wakokin Abdul Ja,en masu tashe sosai 2023.

Abdul Ja,en is a singer who brings happiness to the hearts of all his lovers. Lovers almost fought to prepare as if they did not sing a song of mood with things that catch the attention while listening.

There are many singers who have witnessed the singer Abdul Ja,en he is one of the most popular singers in the world, among all the young singers who are emerging today, one is not like that and the only thing that is surprising is the name of the singer Abdul Ja,en. listen to the song and feel what it contains.

Some of the singer’s fans have stated that there is no song that makes me feel happy and sleepy when I listen to it like Abdul Ja’en songs. one of the reasons for knowing the songs of Abdul Ja,en, according to one of the great fans of the singer Abdul Ja,en.


Abdul Ja,en the singer, expressed his happiness to all his fans around the world and said that he saw Valentine’s Day, my dear, it is a decoration. Greetings to all the fans in Nigeria and other fans in the world. We are proud of you every time.

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