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Sabuwar Wakar Sani Ahmad Lissafi Audio Mp3.

Zazzafar wakar Sani Ahmad Lissafi 2023.

Download Lissafi sabuwar Wakar sani Ahmad 2023.

The famos Hausa singer, known as Ahmad, has released a new song of his fans which is called “Lissafi” . Everyone knows that this singer is one of the most popular singers among all Hausa singers. He is the singer who has many fans.

The well-known singer Ahmad stated that this song is one of the new songs that he promised his lovers to release for their happiness. The singer added that his main goal is always to see happiness on the faces of his loved ones.

Who want to be happy every time, this is one of the new songs that play a great role in creating happiness and relaxation for all Hausa music lovers. the number of lovers as the lovers always say, know to confirm the true love for the singer Ahmad


Lissafi by Sami Ahmad Audio Mp3.

singer sani Ahmad added that his greatest joy is to bring new things that will entertain his fans because the happiness of my fans is my happiness according to singer sani Ahmad.

There are some very interesting songs that we have prepared for you in this blessed New Year. My album of songs will come to you soon, my fans, get ready to be happy because these songs are different from the other songs that you have played.

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