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The elected president of Nigeria Alhaji Bola Ahmad Tinibu visit the Emir of Kano after returning from a trip

The President-elect of Nigeria, Alhaji Bola Ahmad Tinibu, paid a visit to the Emir of Kano’s house after returning from a trip to express his gratitude to all the people of Nigeria. Expressing his happiness with the efforts that have been made to elect him as the president of Nigeria.

The incoming president of Nigeria, Alhaji Bola Ahmad Tinibu added that his main goal is to make Nigeria progress in different ways to improve the affairs of the whole country. to save the country from the situation it is in.

Alhaji Bola Ahmad Tinibu added that their first thought is always to bring our blessed country out of the situation of lack of food and financial problems and other infrastructure to improve education from the primary school to the plural, so that A few people lack quality education.

Currently, the President-elect of Bola Ahmad Tinibu has extended his invitation to the candidate for the presidency of Nigeria from the Jama Party to come and work together to bring the country to development and improve the lives of every citizen in this blessed country of ours.

As everyone knows that the elected president of Nigeria will take over the government of the country on the 29th of May 2023 where he will take all the promises on the things he will do for the country in order to raise its overall value.

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