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Babu Shakka Shirin Kwace Nasarar Abba Mun San Shirin Wasu mutane Ƙalilan A Nigeria Mun Sansu Zamu kuma Tona Asirin su Cewar Jarumi Sani Danja.

Why is Nigeria more important to English than the development of its people?

among developed countries, there is no country where the English language has become a source of pride in the glory of the country

From Real Brush Poets Sokoto

If we consider the country of America, there is no place where the country declares English as a language that must be used, but the country gives everyone the opportunity to use their mother tongue so that what a person is talking about can be understood.

In the world council you will hear the Chinese saying “Chu chuwa chuwa” but it is also a message he is conveying by using his language for his pride in his language and culture that he is presenting to the eyes of the world.

In China, India and other countries around the world, they use English as the language they will use to enter some places where their mother tongue is not easily understood.

In the countries of China, America, England, Germany and France, they use their original language to take courses in four courses namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths because these courses contain most of the things you want to understand about life in the world. , the other courses and after these are used only to promote them or advertise them but they are not necessary things that will benefit you

The English language does not show the dignity, honor and dignity of your culture or your origin, that is why in some developed countries they do not use it as a common language, which is a big disadvantage in promoting your culture and your mother tongue or describing your origin.

It is only in Nigeria that the English language has become a source of shame, abuse and pride for those who think it is right, where doing so is part of disrespecting your origin, your language and your culture.

In this way, I am appealing to the citizens to start being proud and speak their native language wherever they go in the world in order to protect their native dignity.

The Federal Government Condemned The Way The Zamfara Government Is Politicizing The Security Problem

The Federal Government expressed deep concern over a statement issued by the Governor of Zamfara State, Alhaji Dauda Lawal Dare.

The government said that instead of the governor showing happiness and joy to see how the security forces and the Federal Government agencies are trying to save the students of the Federal University of Gusau from the hands of bandits, he turned the problem into a political problem just to achieve a political ambition.

The Minister of Information and Publicity, Alhaji Mohammed Idris, said this after analyzing how the law of the land has empowered the Federal Government agencies to take measures to ensure the rescue of the hostages, as was done. for the students of the Federal University of Gusau.

According to him, because the agencies responsible for rescuing the students did not come out and announce the activities of rescuing the students, it does not mean that there is any confusion as the governor of Zamfara has done to the efforts that are being misconstrued.

In a statement that
Deputy Director of Publicity a
Signed by the Ministry of Information and Publicity, Malam Suleiman Haruna, the minister stated that there is no official of the Federal Government who is in peace talks with any group of bandits.

He said that the Federal Government is determined to follow all the appropriate measures, which will ensure that violence is stopped and peace is restored among the people.

However, he said that if the people of some regions think of taking the same measures that some regions have taken to extinguish the violence, by seeking reconciliation, then the Federal Government will not rush to step on those or condemning their plan.

Idris assured Nigerians that the Federal Government and other agencies are working hard to put an end to the problem of bandits, kidnapping and all other criminal activities.

He said that it is not right for the guardians of the issues to ignore political differences or disagreements with someone in a difficult situation, especially the problem of national security, “and beware of saying words that indicate the suppression of the energy, enthusiasm and efforts of the forces we do it.”

Finally, the minister emphasized that the Federal Government will listen to the suggestions of all stakeholders to try to find ways to end the security problems.

He said: “We call on all the patrons of this matter to join hands with us in order to successfully eliminate this problem.


GHAZALI: Kenan has been gone for over twenty years and we don’t know where he is

From Hawa Baba Idris

The servant of God you see in the following pictures is Ghazali. Ghazali is my brother. He owes me. We have one mother and one father. Now it’s been more than twenty (20) years and we don’t know where he is. Whether he is alive or returns to our creator, God leaves it to Himself to know.

When Ghazali disappeared, I was pregnant with my second child, now the child is about twenty-four years old. Now Ghazali, if he is alive, is fifty (50) years old.

Ghazali disappeared between Abuja and Kano. Then he was in school at Bayero Officers (BUK) in Kano. He came to Abuja to send. He left Abuja to return to Kano, with the intention of stopping in Kaduna to give a message, until today no one has seen Ghazali again.

Ghazali Idris Baba is very tall and built. He has a lot of humor and laughter, and he likes friendship, he likes small children. He often plays with children. He is also referred to as Ghazali Sallau.

We searched. Since his mother and father were alive, God took them away. Hajja died with the desire to meet Ghazali again.

This is the last attempt to use social media and God will make it right.
If you have any news about this servant of God, please contact me, my cousin, or my cousin.

Brothers tag yourself


May God make us fit

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