Governor Bala inaugurated the Committee for the Appropriation of Federal Government Funds for the Poor in Bauchi.

Governor Bala inaugurated the Committee for the Appropriation of Federal Government Funds for the Poor in Bauchi

Bauchi State’s governor, Senator Bala AbdulQadir Muhammad, has established a committee that will lead the distribution of federal government funding across the state.

Governor Bala said, during a meeting with influential people at the government headquarters, that the distribution of aid will start soon. His colleague Mehmet Oul Jatao will chair the committee.

The committee will carry out its activities in many areas, including granting allowances to public servants, paying pensions and bonuses to former workers, and transporting and distributing foodstuffs and other commodities.

Governor Pala added that while his deputy Muhammed Jatau will chair the committee, other members include the Chief of Civil Service, Chief of Staff of the State Palace, His Highness Amir Bauchi, and other privatization-related ministries. of aid. To ensure that the message reaches its correct place.

He said that the committee will also work with all leaders, especially kings, to ensure that the grant distribution program is properly implemented.

I Didn’t Reject You Even Now I Had Four Eyes With Sheik Pantami Ìñ Mùťù, Because My Wish Was Fulfilled, Says Young Usman S Idris

Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Usman Sulaiman Idris, born in Jigawa state. I grew up loving Mr. Pantami since I was little. From his voice I know until I came to know him face to face.

It is the love of his studies that I am doing that made me love him in my heart. Because of the love I have for Mr. God, even if anything is done to Mr. Papaya, he will find me and he will find him.

She even brought some of the people, if they were angry with me and I was not angry, they would insult Malam Pantami because my soul was upset.

I can spend hours feeling bad when I see Malam Pantami being touched. By God, the love of Malam is in my heart.

By God, even now that I see Malam, I am returning home and my wish has been fulfilled.

Son of God, let there be another servant of God who is the result of my meeting with the teacher. Son of God.


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