Cinematographer and three others jailed for Kwara cybercrime

Cinematographer and three others jailed for Kwara cybercrime

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s Ilorin District Command (EFCC) has convicted four people from Ifelodun Local Government Area, Osun state, including 21-year-old cinematographer Abiodun Ayomide from Ikiron, for near impersonation and cyber fraud.

Others include Bello Damola Lateef from Ilorin, Kwara State; Azeez Ibrahim Olarewaju from Onara Local Government Area, Oyo State and Aderoju Ridwan Kayode from Oshobo, Osun State.

Abiodun and Bello were each charged before Judge Adebayo Yusuf, while Aziz and Aderoju were charged before Kwara State High Court Judge Adnik Akinperou Judge Ilorin.

Count 2 of the charge against Abyodun reads as follows: “Abiodun Ayomed, between January 2020 and December 2020, without your knowledge, you deposited seven million, nineteen thousand, eighteen seventeen naira (N7,190,187) into your Access Bank account number 01087784 located in Ilorin, Kwara State 8, which State falls within the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor 2, the amount is reasonably suspected to have been obtained unlawfully. Accordingly, is guilty of an offense under section 319A of the Penal Code and shall be punishable under the same law”.

The charge against Aderoju is as follows: “You, Aderoju Ridwan Kayode, at some time between August 2021 and August 2022, in Ilorin, State of Kwara, within the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor, actually under your control, paid N2,847,045 (two million, 847,0 45 naira), you reasonably suspect that you lawfully acquired and thereby commit an offense against Section 319A of the Penal Code, and you shall be punished”

The defendants pleaded guilty to the respective charges.

Innocent Mbachie, Rashidat Alao and Isabel Adeniran, who prosecuted the case on behalf of the committee, pleaded guilty, examined the facts of the case and submitted evidence, which was admitted as evidence. They urged the court to find that the prosecution had proved the essential elements of the case to warrant a conviction of the accused.

In sentencing, Judge Yusuf sentenced Abyotoun to six months in prison for each of the four counts, with an option of N100,000 for each count (only N100,000). The judge ordered a 2007 Toyota Camry; US$200 (two hundred U.S. dollars) and N100,000 (one hundred thousand naira); and an HP laptop and iPhone 8 Plus confiscated by the federal government.

Judge Yusuf similarly sentenced Bello to six months in jail with an option to fine him 50,000 naira (50,000 naira only). The court ordered the federal government to seize an iPhone 7 and HP laptop, as well as $500 (five hundred dollars) used in the crime.

Similarly, Judge Akinpelu sentenced Aziz to three months in jail with an option to fine N100,000 (only N100,000). The court ordered criminals to forfeit $200 (two hundred dollars) and an iPhone XR to the federal government.

Adroju, on the other hand, was jailed for 6 months and fined 200,000 Naira (only 200,000 Naira). Judge Akinpelu ordered the criminal to hand over his Lexus ES 350 car, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone XR and HP laptop worth 403,000 naira (only 430,000 naira) to the federal government.

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