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Singer Portable is one of the most respected names in the music industry, and he has just added six new artistes to the list of talented musicians he manages.

Singer Portable is one of the most respected names in the music industry, and he has just added six new artistes to the list of talented musicians he manages. These artistes have signed with his record label, Zeh Nation, and are set to take the music industry by storm with their unique sounds and styles. This is exciting news for Singer Portable’s followers, music lovers, and the industry as a whole.

The music industry is highly competitive, with many artistes vying for limited opportunities. Therefore, it is an excellent accomplishment for Singer Portable to sign on six new artistes to his record label. The six artistes that Singer Portable has signed are not only talented but also passionate about music. Their addition to Zeh Nation is a testament to Singer Portable’s dedication to nurturing and developing the next generation of musical stars.

Singer Portable and the six artistes are starting to work together, and they have a rigorous training schedule in place. During their training, one of the duties assigned to the new artistes is to wash all Singer Portable’s cars every morning. This routine task might seem menial, but it is part of the process of developing discipline and responsibility in the artistes. Such tasks instill values such as humility and hard work, which are highly valued in the music industry.

It is essential to mention that being an artiste is not all about fame and fortune. There is a lot of dedication and hard work that goes into building a music career. Working with Singer Portable and his team is an excellent opportunity for the new artistes to hone their skills, develop their musical styles and build their networks.

Furthermore, Singer Portable’s record label, Zeh Nation, is one of the fastest-rising names in the music industry. Founded in 2018, the label has grown from strength to strength rapidly. With the new signings, Zeh Nation is now home to some of the most promising and talented musicians in the industry.

Singer Portable, the founder and CEO of Zeh Nation, is a renowned musician, producer, and talent manager. His vast experience and connections in the music industry make him the perfect mentor for the new artistes.

He has worked with many top musicians in the past, and his expertise in the industry position him as a role model for the new artistes. As the saying goes, success breeds success, and with Singer Portable’s track record, the future looks bright for the new artists.

To achieve success in the music industry, an artiste needs more than just talent. They need the right network and support to enable them to navigate the industry successfully. Working with Singer Portable and Zeh Nation provides them with an ideal environment to grow their talents and develop their careers.

Singer Portable’s music expertise, combined with his team’s marketing and production skills, means that the artistes will receive the best support possible.

In conclusion, Singer Portable and Zeh Nation are making a significant impact in the music industry. The signing of six new artistes shows their commitment to developing new talent and raising the bar in the industry.

The training and tasks assigned to the new artistes, like washing cars, are necessary steps to teach them values like discipline, hard work, and humility. With Singer Portable’s vast experience


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