Innalillahi Wa’inna ilahirraji’un Allah Yayiwa Dan Takarar Majalissa Abba Dr. Bello Halliru Rasuw Allah Ya jikan Musulmi.

Innalillahi Wa’inna ilahirraji’un Allah Yayiwa Dan Takarar Majalissa Abba Dr. Bello Halliru Rasuwa Allah ubangiji kajikan Musulmi Baki daya mu Kuma Yan baya Allah ubangiji kasa muyi kyakkyawan karshe darajar Annabi muhammad.

Ya ubangiji kasa dukkan wani Musulmi duniya ya Gama lafiya Allah ubangiji kasa mutuwa hutuce gurin kowanne Musulmin ya hada mu da fiyayyen halitta shugaban duniya da lahira Baki daya.

Allah ya halicci duniya da lahira duka domin masoyansa Haka Kuma yayi aljannah da wuta domin masoyansa da Kuma majiyansa Allah ubangiji ka samu cikin masoyansa na gaskiya ameen.

Wan Nan bawan Allah ya samu kyakkyawar sheda kwarai da gaske gurin mutane masu mutukar tarin yawan gaske akan halinsa na kirki kowa Yana Yana halinsa Allah ubangiji kasa mutuwa hutuce ameen



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