Al-hamdu Lillah Glory Be To Almighty Allah For Everything In Life,

Breaking Silence:-

First Of All I Want To Start By Confirming My Profound Gratitude To Allah The Exalted Power The Creator Of All Univers That Gave Me Strength To Contest The Chairman’s Ship Position In Gwagwalada Area Council.
When I Start This Movement Some People Said Who I am To Contest The Sit Of Gwagwalada Chairman Ship Position Forgotten Allah Is My Strength The Journey Has Come To Pass.
I want To Say A Big Thanks and Allah’s Rewards To My Teaming Supporters And Well-wishers Who Give Me Their Support And Prayers Towards This Journey And It Was Successful One. May Allah’s Rewards Be Upon All Of You, In Return May Allah Be With All Of You Wherever You Go And Whatsoever You Do Ameen………
What Happened I Stepped Down From The Rest Is Simply For The Development And Way Forward Of Our Great Party A.P.C And With The Highest Respect I Have For Our Leaders Namely:-
1 Hon. Abdul-Malik Usman
2 Hon. Zakari Angulu Don
3 Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe Speaker Nass
4 Hon. Adamu Mustapha Danze Obama
5 Hon. Usman Yahaya Board Member One F.C.T UBEB

I Pray For More Wisdom To Our Leaders They Summon Nine Of Us To A Roundtable Meeting Namely:-
1 Hon. Abubakar Jibril Giri
2 Hon. Qasim Muhammad
3 Hon. Saidu Abdullahi
4 Hon. Yusuf Muhammad
5 Hon. Muhammad G Ibrahim
6 Hon. Musa Usman
7 Hon. Garba Jibril ( Bades)
8 Hon. Suleiman Barde (Sulbarax)
9 Hon. Usman A. Musa Zuba

The Topic Of Our Discussion Was The Leaders Made Mentioned They Want Us To Work Together And Come-Up With A Consensus Candidate Or We Should Give Them The Mandate To Go Ahead In Selection Of One Candidate To Run The Ticket Of Our Great Party A.P.C In Gwagwalada Area Council. We All Agreed, With Their Submission And We Took Our Leaves. Mark you All This Leaders Spoke With One Voice Insisted That We Should Please For The Development Of Our Party A.P.C Ease The Journey.

Base On This Outcome Of The Leaders Decision Is To Narrow Us From Nine Contestants To Five And We Were Call Upon For Briefing Still We All Agreed With Their Decision-taking.

I Honorably Dropped My Contest For The Party Because I Came From Discipline Background I Have High Respect For The Leaders And Party.

Issues Going Round Don’t Take It This is The Reality And Transparent Discussion That Took Palace.
Thanks For Your Time To Read From My Post. Al-hamdu Lillah

May Allah Accept Our Fasting As An Ac Of Ibadah Ameen…………………


Farin cikinmu shine ganin farin ciki saman fuskarku muna alfahari duku masoya.

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