WHEN the Irish Republican Army or IRA was fighting
the British government, they took their battles to the mainland United Kingdom, noteably, to the seat of government in London. They were able to hit the government so hard that the government at the Westminster had no option than to succumb to a Round Table discussion. The result was the historic Good Friday Agreement.

Many nations that have witnessed the impact of supposedly freedom fighters rarely see the Freedom Fighters destroying themselves, through reckless lawlessness and decapitation of their own people.

That is where the current incessant attacks by unknown gunmen alleged to be members of IPOB becomes very intriguing. Let us assume that the IPOB is not implicated in the attacks on various police stations in the South-East , in that case therefore, the leadership of the IPOB must come forward to denounce and condemn these attacks in a clearest term possible; And say, that is not in their name.

Most of the police stations in the South-East are being manned by Igbos, including the support workers. It is therefore ridiculously stupid to suggest that by killing the police and setting the property ablaze, that you have helped to further the cause of the Igbo nation for self-determination?.

In the South-East today and across the nation, the people causing mayhem with their barbaric onslaught on innocent Nigerians are the Fulani herdsmen terrorists. We were thinking that the ESN was set up to checkmate the increasing menace of the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists? How has it come down therefore that police stations in the South-East are being attacked and criminals in custody being set free? Is this a case of misplaced priority or one not knowing who your real enemy is?.

If the idea is to protest against the uncountable numbers of security checkpoints in and around South-East, then burning down the police stations would be nothing but scoring an own-goal.

There’s no part of Nigeria that is immune to criminal elements and their nefarious activities. Let’s for the sake of arguments say that the agitators for a Biafran Homeland have won the debate, that wouldn’t translate to a land flowing with milk and honey, BUT DEVOID OF CRIME.

The police will still be allowed to do their Constitutional duties of maintaining law and order, no matter the glaring imperfections. One should also remember that the police, wherever they may be are products of a much corrupt Nigerian nation.

If the South-East is fasting descending to a wild , wild East, it wouldn’t be long before the sympathy of those clamouring for a greater autonomy will start to wane.
As nobody would want associate with lawlessness, no matter who is in charge.


Farin cikinmu shine ganin farin ciki saman fuskarku muna alfahari duku masoya.

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