Let me start by sympathizing with Polytechnic students affected by the current Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) nation wide strike.

For decades, In Nigerian tertiary institutions, the word “strike” was second popular word after “graduation”. Every student, be it University, college or polytechnic must have known something about “Strike” or perhaps be affected by it once or many times before graduation.

As a student and a victim of the just-started ASUP indefinite strike, it became hard for me to describe my feelings over this government-ASUP quarrel that resulted in hurting our studies and confusing our academic session.

Many times. I ask my self, why strike is the only weapon of academic unions to warn or demand something from government? Is there no other option? Must they go on strike before gov’t meet their needs?
These questions may seems weird to you but somehow answerable.

The current Buhari-led administration looks a bit weaker than the past ones in terms of educational priorities. The education minister, Mallam Adamu Adamu who’s a popular critic of past regimes over poor educational policies. Now in charge but already sold the trust we bestowed in him. Apart from the last resolved ASUU conflicts, He’s now provoking ASUP despite being aware of the consequences on the students and education in particular. Can’t he manage to solve issues before going out of hand? very unfortunate.

I seriously laugh and cry for this country whenever I look at the state of our schools and the kind of education system we had. The way our leaders are playing with our future by making things hard for common man is quite unwanted. Although their children are not in anyway affected. They should have some pity for us (children of the masses).

Lastly, as I wish this strike to last not more than a day. I am also calling for federal govt and the ASUP to consider the bad feelings this strike could cause. Covid19 already took much from us. Pls don’t bring another nightmare.

Best of luck.

Mohammed Nazeer (Ajiyan waka)
Gombe, Nigeria.
Tuesday April 6, 2021.


Farin cikinmu shine ganin farin ciki saman fuskarku muna alfahari duku masoya.

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