Why Dr Mustapha Inuwa Could Be The Best Candidate in 2023 Katsina State Governorship Election.



Katsina State youth are in despretely looking for a good leader that could continue improving critical sectors such as education, health, empowerment, agriculture and secutity. Based on the above pressing demands comes ” A HERO AMONG THE HEROS” to the Katsina State youths.

Looking at his political history his dedication and attitude makes him a hero among the heros. He would be a promisible candidate that could enhenced those sector. If we could remember during Yaradua era, Dr Mustapha became the most popular commisioner due to his dedication towards improving education sector.

His achievement are unforgettable to Katsina state youtht. The following are some of his achievement in educational sector – Improving boarding school feeding – Enhancing school infrastructure. – Adequate supervision by himself – Sending team of experts to supervised mode of teaching. – Monitoring contractors.
Youth Empowerment and Health.

The current administration made a lot of strategic ways to improve lives of youths.
S.power program has help hundreds of youth. Renovating and equiping all general hosital across the state which could help to decentralized health centre.

Dr Mustapha being a historical, academic and researcher qualify him to lead a security project. If we could count number of casualities and affected areas in Katsina are less now copired to our neighboring o states like Kaduna and Zamfara.

He is humble, someone might think visiting Dr Mustapha would be difficult task because he holds high rank possition but it isn’t. His office is free from any restriction for visitors. one of the amazing attitude of Dr mustyapha to the youth is teaching people how to catch fish, not giving them the fish.

Finally , I couldn’t discuss the achievement of Dr Mustapha by looking one sector or a single local government. I urge Katsina state youths to search and know who is Dr Mustapha by themselves dont wait for someone to give you his personal opinion about Dr Mustapha a hero that does not required additional qualites, the ones he has are enough for him to be a hero among the heros.



Farin cikinmu shine ganin farin ciki saman fuskarku muna alfahari duku masoya.

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