The school management of federal university dutsinma katsina state it has revealed the suspending for it five students as a result for involved themselves into cultist groups.

The two groups has contradictions among themselves which lead to another particular problems when that happens the school management intervene into the matters .

while the heads of the school who are the VICE chancellor professor Hamisu Arma Ya,u Bichi he so worried when he had the information.

The VICE chancellor professor Hamisu Arma Ya,u Bichi confessed that his school can’t allowed who are illegal to graduate from his school while he said all his students they we’re good.

He also said as a result of that all the students who intervene in the issues most to be suspended while he said refused of doing that can lead others students to be interested and to be members of the groups.

we’ll that can extend and growing the illegal groups to sabotage different students in school they most be suspended while others who intended to be one among them to be carefully as while as concerned about what brought them into the school.

The petitions came from the office of Vice chancellor professor Armaya.u Hamisu Bichi and approve by the security units of school and school management.

And the school management also rebuked students to recall what brought them from they house to be considered and concerned and bring all they attention to read had and pass they exams.

The students 4L 3L 2L and masters student all are amongs the petition came yesterday 3th of March 2021.

Good blesse Fudma students!!!
From arewanahiya.com


Farin cikinmu shine ganin farin ciki saman fuskarku muna alfahari duku masoya.

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